We may be Amateurs in Love but we are Professionals in Falling (2012)

Site-specific performance & installation at La Friche Belle de Mai/Marseille

AMATEURETTEROOMS are interactive performance spaces, that trace the revolutionary potential of love, an energizing site of radical empathy. 

The different rooms and their interieurs are patched out of materials, that are given by the city, its occupants and visitors as well as my materials on love. I want to communicate and share with the dwellers, ask for donations, reminders of loving payment. By doing this, they are already part of the project, performing ongoing changes and morphings of the rooms.

Furthermore, visitors can check into the rooms to do whatever they love and maybe leaving traces behind: words, artefacts, pictures, sound recordings or other things.

These materials will provide new scores and approaches of performing love: the AMATEURETTE LOVE HOTEL are palimpsests rewriting extasy, ClusterHeartCollapse, hushs, implosions. 

Lectures, workshops, discussion could be another part of the lovers´discourse.

When one enters AMATEURETTE ROOMS, one´s picture will be taken: Photos delete memories, as Walter Benjamin stated. Nobody will remember who entered; therefor one will experience absolute a(mateur)nonymity. That and other strategies will help to establish LOVE HOTEL as a  space, where time is nullified, reversed and stratigraphically layered. You are elsewhere and elsewhen.


Photos: Philippe Eiselen


- putting a spell on reality by reclaiming otherness in actu.


Built with Berta.me

Antje Prust