Amateurette Love Hotel - Confusement Park (2012)

Jumping the fence burst my skin. INSIDEOUTANDINBETWEEN. Who intrudes what? CrossDressPast. Eroding unknown territory, this space is undone, remade, unknown: Falling down a hole into an impossible viscerality. „Hear me, see me, stumble upon me“. Adrenaline as soundtrack, trickling rollercoasters, mu(ta)ted laughters, cyborg with ferris organs and superheroine senses.

When I rode my bike home, the light had changed: warm, pink sunbeams were subtly purring. Raindrops fell down on me, swantears, they nourished my skin. I looked around and felt like I had been away for centuries. Or a second.

Again it morphed, heavily breathing, a cough of laughter, a scent of purple sweat. Rollercoaster vs. budburst: my thirst of chaos, your blink of excavation.

StoppedMotionChainedReaction. I cannot look at you. You move me. You move. WithOutMe. With my sight. Without my sigh. You might move, you did, but did you, can you, in bright light, but unseen?

Did we fuck in prospect of new adventures? Is love the ultimate ride?

Like a rollercoaster inside, a wildwaterride, Blood streams through my tongue, I don’t care, it is alright. I love you, I love you, I love us. Youloveme.

The abandoned Spreepark - which lies hidden and forested amidst Plänterwald - is one of the most magical places in Berlin. Protected by a fence - which shabby condition is more an invitation to go in than keep away - it is a place, where reality and virtuality contaminates into a space, where otherness and impossibilities are in fact happening. Foucault called such a place heterotopia (contrasting to utopias which have no real place), a site that „is capable of juxtaposing in a single real place several spaces that are in themselves incompatible“. This is linked to a collapse of time, a heterochronie. All times are coexisting, super- imposed. Performing the park opens up a radical political potential: to trace otherness not just as an utopian gesture but as enactments of true alternatives.

I decided to install the first AMATEURETTE LOVE ROOM right next to the fence and river Spree.

Photos: Kornelius Glaser (1), Philippe Eiselen


- putting a spell on reality by reclaiming otherness in actu.


Built with

Antje Prust