LFP Act I: Manifesto (2012)

Photos: Theodor Yemenis

In collaboration with artists Ivona Sijakovic, Anja Winterhalter, Irene Accardo and Anne-Friné Steiger.

„„LFP: Act 1: Manifesto“ is a beginning of trilogy, a text and a voice, a continuous contexture of written and spoken. It is giving the birth to the word and being born through the voice, that ultimately becomes the site of the language. Through the language we create Manifesto – where theory and body meet, where the word becomes action.

The quintet of performance artists Irene Acccardo, Antje Prust, Ivona Sijakovic, Anne-Friné Steiger and Anja Winterhalter creates a polyphony or a polylogos through which we deconstruct and transform the word, move from silence toward sound, rhythm, pulsation and word. The body reveals itself in text and communicates through the language, we become not only speakers but also an addressee. On that way we will also examine the position of spokesman, distribution of power and reflect our own position inside of occupied discourse. We reveal the gap between speaker and speaking and at the same time we create a meta-body or a meta-voice.“

Ivona Sijakovic

Photos: Screenshot Documentation

Smearing lipstick on a showcase, showing me in the showcase, leaving written messages, pressing my body against the window, while I am on display, muted behind a glass wall. As the performance lasts, the deformation and destruction of the body becomes more and more brutal, tracing and disrupting the notions of femininity, vulnerability and beauty itself : the lipstick leaves traces like blood stains, the shape of the body is tossed and smashed. 

"There were echos of narcicism and tongues dipped in black holes

There was paleness and tapes and glitter and heartbeats

I wander in and out, dressed in blood

I wander in the city, sweat washes the milk of innocence out of my breasts

Lighten up, light me up, there is nothing behind this beautiful face, face it, there is chaos and diamonds

It is hard to say no when you are used to say yes.

Why didn‘t I kiss him with my bloody mouth


Antje Prust



- putting a spell on reality by reclaiming otherness in actu.


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Antje Prust